Create powerful interactive presentations or games to activate your adience during your presentations or while they visit your website. InCourse is a ground breaking easy to use tool designed to work on every web enabled device and webbrowser.

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Everyone can create educative games!

We think you should be able to create educative games, whenever and whereever you like. We have done everything to give you the platform to create games you want. Imagine your worlds.

Everything you need

We made work of creating a package with everything you need for creating a game from your curriculum. From images to a full fledged editor. We even provide hints and tips to decorate your game even further.

Let your students learn whenever you want

You have InCourse available everywhere where there's internet. It’s an online engine, so you won’t need to install anything. Just share the game's url and let your students learn by play.

Easy to start

Create and share educative games in just a few clicks. With InCourse everyone can create and play custom made games. Using our intuitive ‘Drag and Drop’ or curriculum development environment you can have a game in a matter of minutes! It's free. Is it still too complex? Then subscribe to any of our subscriptions and get access to our fully automated game generator!

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